Continuum Assisted Living FEIS

The applicant for the Continuum Assisted Living Facility proposed on S. Broadway in the Village of Irvington has submitted a Draft of a  Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).  The most recent draft, dated May 2013, is available for review below.   As required by SEQRA, this document responds to all public hearing and written comments submitted on the application during the specified  SEQR comment period. This document should be considered a draft and does not necessarily reflect opinions of the Planning Board or language that the Planning Board will ultimately accept.  This document will be discussed at the May 29th work session of the Planning Board.  At this meeting, it is anticpated the Board will focus on various items outlined in the May 21, 2013 memo from Board consultants, Marianne Stecich and Stu Turner.  This document should be reviewed in conjunction with that memo.  

It should be noted that Appendix 2, as submitted originally with the FEIS, contained the appliant's proposed draft zoning which has now been placed at the end of Chapter 1 of the document.  

Hard copies of this document can be reviewed in the Village Building Department and Irvington Public Library. 

Appendix 1- Traffic Study
Appendix 3 - Tree Inventory and Plan
Appendix 4 - Stormwater Management
Appendix 5 - Construction Noise
Appendix 6 - Construction Logistics
Appendix 7- Emergency Preparedness Plan
Appendix 8- Mechanical Noise
Applicant letter to Planning Board, 9/18/13
Chapter 1 - Introduction, Revised 5/13
Chapter 2 - Exhibits
Chapter 3- Comments / Responses, Revised 5/13
Chapter 4 - Public Hearing Transcripts
FEIS Memo from Village Consultants
Index of Comments