Continuum Assisted Living DEIS

A Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) has been submitted by the project sponsor, The Continuum Company, and upon review by the Village of Irvington Planning Board, as Lead Agency, in accordance with State Law,  the Planning Board has determined that the DEIS is adequate with respect to scope and content for the purposes of commencing public review.

The project site is located at 30 S. Broadway in Irvington.  The proposed project consists of the construction of an assisted living complex; including 81 assisted living units and 40 units for memory care patients, as well as multiple interior and exterior amenities for patient use including group meeting rooms, a fitness center, beauty salon, walking paths and dining facilities. The total floor area proposed is approximately 105,000 square feet. Fifty parking spaces are proposed. Due to the fact that the proposed use is currently not permitted in the Multi-Family (MF) Zoning District, in which the project site is located, the proposed Action also includes proposed revisions to the Village Zoning Code and proposed modifications to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning Board, as Lead Agency, has determined that this Action may have a significant environmental impact and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)  will be prepared. 

3.1 Land Use and Zoning and 3.2 Visual Analysis
3.12 Cultural Resources 3.13 Phase I ESA 3.14 Construction
3.3 Topography and Soils 3.4 Flora and Fauna
3.5 Traffic
3.6 Utilities and 3.7 Stormwater
3.8 Comm Services 3.9 Emergency Services 3.10 Noise 3.11 Economics
Chapter 4 Project Alternatives
Chapters 5 and 6
Continuum Draft Scope
Executive Summary and Project Description
Public Hearing 3-7-12 Transcript
Public Hearing 4-4-12 Transcript