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Monroe Schedules Hearing for Plan

May 28, 2012

The Village of Monroe Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee has submitted a Draft Comprehensive Plan for consideration by the Village Board.   The new plan entitled Monroe Village 2.1: A New Comprehensive Plan for Monroe in the 21st Century, provides a policy roadmap for future development of the Village in the future. The process of drafting the plan started more than a year ago, when Mayor Purcell and the Village Board assembled a Steering Committee taskforce charged with the update of the Plan.   A Public Visioning session was held in April of 2012 and a downtown design charette was conducted last August.   
Since those meetings, the Steering Committee has been distilling the data and public input gathered into a set of policies intended to result in positive change for the community. Key recommendations include:
  • Improving the Lakes Street streetscape by extending curbs and installing speed tables and street trees, as well as providing an area for pick up and drop off;
  • Acquiring additional land for parking near the downtown;
  • Providing better interrelationship between Crane Park and the downtown including integrating lighting, and providing informational kiosks;
  • Enhancing the recreational facilities in and around Crane Park, including features ranging from a butterfly garden to a bandshell;
  • Establishing a local development corporation for the purpose of running a business incubator and medical jobs training facility;
  • Allowing residential-retail mixed-use multifamily buildings around the downtown and Mill Ponds;
  • Expanding the areas available for Townhouse development and reducing the amount of land available to new retail uses, particularly between Stage Road and Freeland Street;
  • Promoting redevelopment of retail areas with a building-on-street design;
  • Allowing flexibility for homeowners to improve and expand their existing residential single-family properties without requiring variances or waivers and expensive land use board reviews;
  • Restricting two-family and multifamily conversions on small lots in existing residential neighborhoods;
  • Streamlining development review by allowing the Building Inspector greater authority to approve changes of uses in existing retail spaces;
  • Establishing architectural design guidelines to guide the existing Architectural Review Board;
  • Promoting traffic roundabouts at multiple locations throughout the Village to ease traffic delays;
  • Requiring stricter property maintenance laws for commercial uses including rental residential properties;
  • Promoting low-cost facade improvements throughout the Village, and applying for grants to support efforts to improve the downtown commercial environment;
The public and all concerned persons are invited to attend a public hearing of the Village Board on June 18, 2013 at 6:30 at Village Hall - 7 Stage Road in the Village Monroe and provide feedback on the plan recommendations.   The draft Plan is available for review at