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Woodbury Common Renovation

September 16, 2012

The Village of Woodbury Planning Board, as Lead Agency, will hold a public hearing on the proposal for a renovation of Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.  This action proposes to amend an approved Site Plan and Special Permit.  The applicant was required to prepare a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for this project.   The Proposed Action includes the construction of 60,000 square feet of infill development, as well as the realignment of the existing ring road and other circulation improvements; the construction of a new parking structure; new bus pick-up and drop-off areas; a complete renovation of the facade of the entire development and renovation/redevelopment of common areas. The proposed action also includes renovations to the “main tower building”, food court, customer service area, visitor area, pedestrian walkways and associated infrastructure improvements.

The  public hearing on the DSEIS and Amended Site Plan and Special Permit Application  will be held on September 19th at 7:00 pm or shortly thereafter at the IBEW building located at 67 Commerce Drive South in  Harriman, New York.

The DSEIS can be viewed on the Village's of Woodbury at and full copies of the DSEIS are available at the Village Building Department located in Town Hall during normal business hours as well as the both the Ida Cornell Memorial Branch public library in Central Valley and Rushmore Memorial Branch public library in Highland Mills.
 Comments may be made in person at the public hearing. Written comments will be received at any time during the comment period in the Village Building Department. The comment period will extend for a minimum for 10 days following the closing of the public hearing.