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Berlin, CT Buildout & Fiscal Impact

May 10, 2010

The Turner Miller Group recently completed an analysis of the residential buildout for the Town of Berlin, CT, along with an analysis of associated impacts on municipal services and revenue. The purpose of this study was to assist the Town in its planning efforts by analyzing the potential residential development within the community.

TMG utilized the Town’s Geographic Information System to map all lands within the Town with residential development potential. The map was overlaid with wetlands and floodplains to identify areas where development could not occur. This data was used along with other factors and information to formulate the additional number of residential units which could be developed in Berlin, under current zoning and subdivision regulations.

TMG also quantified the fiscal impact upon municipal revenues of three uses of land: single-family residences, farms and open space. This was then used to analyze the potential fiscal impact of full buildout for residential uses. It was determined that the full build-out of the Town for residential use, would have a negative net fiscal impact on the Town. In comparison, the net fiscal impact of the use of land for open space or agricultural purposes would be generally neutral.