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Mountco Development SEQR Review

January 11, 2010

The Turner Miller Group has been retained jointly by the Town of Chester and Town of Blooming Grove for the SEQRA review of the redevelopment of the former Camp LaGuardia Site located on Greycourt Road with land in both towns and a portion of land in the Village of Chester.

The mixed use development includes rezoning of the land, subdivision into several parcels and revisions to both Towns’ Comprehensive Plans to facilitate the development of approximately 800 multi-family residences and 37 single family residences as well as approximately 180,000 square feet of commercial, retail, office space and civic uses.

The Turner Miller Group is currently working with Town representatives and the applicant in finalizing the Scoping Document for the preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Two public scoping meetings have been held and it is anticipated that a scope will be adopted in February, 2010.