City of Newburgh Waterfront Redevelopment

Services Required:
More than 35 years ago the City of Newburgh undertook the process of Urban Renewal along its substandard deteriorated waterfront. However, the City fell on hard times and had to disband its Planning Department because of extremely difficult financial conditions.
In 1997 the City of Newburgh retained the firm to take over planning services, including amending the City’s Urban Renewal Plan, preparing a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan, comprehensive citywide rezoning, design guidelines for much of the City as well as parking studies for the Broadway and Grand Street corridors.
The firm was also retained by the Office of Economic Development to prepare Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) for the development of several City-owned parcels consistent with the City’s newly developed planning policies and goals. The properties are strategically located in areas proposed for major redevelopment – the Newburgh Waterfront and the Broadway corridor. The firm established the process for the submission and review of proposals, prepared all solicitation documentation, and reviewed and made recommendations on the responses to RFP’s that were received.    As a result of the RFP’s, the City attracted developers who introduced new retail, restaurant and water-dependant uses along the riverfront. Pedestrian access was maintained along the entire river shore via a pedestrian promenade and an updated Landing Park. New commercial, government and office uses have located along Broadway. The development of a SUNY Orange Campus has further helped with the revitalization. New residents have discovered the once-blighted Washington’s Headquarters neighborhood to refurbish historic housing as the City’s revitalization continues.