Mamakating, NY Comprehensive Plan

Services Required:
The Town of Mamakating and its incorporated Villages of Bloomingburg and Wurtsboro recently undertook the preparation of a Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Working with a Comprehensive Plan Committee, the Turner Miller Group analyzed existing conditions in this Sullivan County community, lead several public participation meetings including a charette and slide visual survey, and drafted a Comprehensive Plan Update. Based on the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan Update, the firm drafted revisions to the Town’s Zoning Law. Particular importance was placed on the preservation of the community’s significant environmental features, including protection of the Bashakill Wildlife Preserve, Shawangunk Ridge and the numerous pristine trout streams found throughout the Town. The Town sought to promote environmentally sensitive uses which take advantage of the community’s natural resources. In addition, the zoning revisions preserve the existing character of the Town’s villages and hamlets, by allowing mixed-use development within neighborhoods at a scale consistent with existing pedestrian-scale structures. Lastly, the Town also has promoted economic development by setting aside areas for larger-scale nonresidential uses such as office park, light industrial, and major resort and recreational complexes.