City of Glen Cove, NY Comprehensive Plan

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The City of Glen Cove has developed under its 1967 Master Plan into a vibrant and diverse city. As is the case with many small cities, the City of Glen Cove is undergoing challenges related to evolving social patterns including the flight of retail, service, and commercial uses to more vehicularly accessible areas and regional malls; conversion of owner-occupied single and two-family residences to multifamily rental dwellings; increased traffic over an aging road system; an in-flux of undocumented immigrants and their demands on social services; increased development pressure on waterfront lands and historically important estates; and increased development pressure on remaining vacant parcels which tend to be environmentally sensitive due to steep slopes, flood zones, and/or wetlands. The Turner Miller Group was instrumental in formulating the 1967 Master Plan, and when the City decided in 2007 to revisit the Plan, the firm was chosen as part of a team to accomplish the task. Major concerns that were addressed in the Plan included waterfront planning, downtown revitalization, traffic, illegal apartments, home ownership, development of marginal and environmentally sensitive lands, McMansions, viewshed preservation and affordable housing. This plan which incorporated a number of low impact development and smart growth practices was awarded Sustainable Long Island Smart Growth Award in 2009.